_______________________________________________________ Craig R. Hanson Johnson Controls, Inc. Program Manager The purpose of this note is to inform you that the Pivot Covers that were sourced to DRS were a huge success. DRS committed to and delivered a 7 day quality polypropylene part. This is incredible! Their attention to detail, responsiveness and professionalism are exceptional. I look forward to working with them again. _______________________________________________________ Rick Seaberg Owens-Illinois Tooling / Process Engineer On behalf of the Industrial Applications team, I would like to thank you and your employees for the outstanding services you have provided Owens Illinois and our customer. With your commitment to service, enthusiasm, and skill, you have been a key part of our success as we expand into new product areas. We have especially appreciated your responsiveness as we begin development on Project “Mirage”. Our customer has been extremely pleased with our ability to produce significant results in a very short period of time, and this is directly attributable to the outstanding service provided by DRS. Your ability to produce prototype parts for this project in less than 2 weeks has been an important contribution to meeting the aggressive schedule of our customer. I personally, and Owens Illinois as a company, look forward to continued success with DRS Industries. _______________________________________________________ Greg Binning Johnson Controls, Inc. GM Business Unit Launch Manager Dean, I am writing this note to thank you and your team for the exceptional service that Johnson Controls, Inc. received during the execution of the GM 250, GM 257 and GM 200 MCE program launches. The GM 250-launch team has recently received the top honor presented by Johnson Controls, Inc. to internal program launch teams as recognition of over-all launch performance. This award is named 00-100-30. The numbers represent zero accidents, zero defects, 100% efficiency 30 days after launch. This award has been sought by many launch teams but first presented to our GM 250 team one month ago. I want to extend our thanks and recognition to you, Jeff Burkhart and your entire team for playing a significant role in our success. Our relationship began on December 23rd 1999 as a result of GM requesting a major change after complete seat PPAP and only weeks before saleable vehicles. You and your team agreed to work through the Christmas holidays to deliver complete seat side shield plastic tooling ready for graining in only two weeks. These tools eventually received production PPAP for both the GM 250 and GM 200 MCE programs. Both programs used this tooling well into saleable vehicles while volume productions tools were under construction. This level of exceptional service and competitive pricing has delivered a flawless track record for quality execution and on time delivery. Our most recent success with General Motors is the receipt of on time complete seat PPAP for the GM 257 program. Again we required late changes that jeopardized our program timing and PPAP presentation to our customer. DRS offered to dedicate the entire shop for one week to make up lost time and provide parts for this very sensitive program milestone. This event has positioned the GM 257 team to repeat their success in obtaining the 00-100-30 goal in 2001. Dean, your company’s technical competence, attention to detail and complete respect and understanding of timing requirements is unsurpassed in our business for prototype delivery. Your team’s exceptional performance makes our jobs look easy. On behalf of Johnson Controls, Inc. and the launch teams I want to extend our greatest appreciation to everyone at DRS that has assisted us in making these programs so successful. _______________________________________________________ Christopher E. Bork, Ph.D. Medical College of Ohio Dean – School of Allied Health Dean, I am writing to thank you for all your help in designing and fabricating the custom mount. The part fit perfectly and looks and performs better than the factory supplied part it replaced. I also want to thank you for your advice and help in designing the part. You mentioned your company provides individualized attention, but I never imagined that the president of the company would personally work with me on the design. Your suggestions were excellent and clearly based upon your experience designing and fabricating custom applications. In terms of customer service, DRS is outstanding. I would also like to commend David Dickerson. Mr. Dickerson called me about some issues during the fabrication and is a fine communicator and made certain I also had the correct hardware for the installation. Once again, the attention to detail and attention to your customer’s needs are superb. My best wishes for your continuing success. _______________________________________________________ Larry Marks Whirlpool Corporation Staff Engineer In behalf of the Voyager Team, I would personally like to thank the DRS Team for the excellent support of our project. With increased competition and technology advancements, product life cycles are getting shorter and shorter, making the time from concept to market more critical. Product development is an iterative and complex process. A successful design is often directly related to the number of iterations (improvements) possible within the allotted time. Rapid prototypes processes, i.e. SLS and FDM, are great tools for producing small quantities of plastic parts used to develop concepts, and were used extensively throughout our development phase. The next critical phases call for prototype builds, of increasing quantities. These units are used for performance testing, developing manufacturing equipment and processes, marketing surveys, field-testing etc. Low cost prototype tooling is typically used during this phase, prior to building production tooling. These are the phases where DRS played a significant role in the Voyager Project in the way of supplying prototype injection molded plastic parts. I would especially like to acknowledge DRS for the following significant strengths: • DRS was sensitive and responsive to the urgency of our needs. • Provided quick turnarounds on request for quotes. • DRS worked directly from 3D CAD models (paperless design) eliminating timely detailing of parts. • CAD files were transmitted electronically by Email, saving time. • DRS frequently exceeded expectations by delivering parts ahead of promised delivery dates. This timeliness gave me the opportunity to make additional iterations (design improvements), when necessary, and still meet our build schedules. I will definitely give DRS consideration on future projects. _______________________________________________________ Alex Chifu Johnson Controls, Inc. Project Engineer This letter is to recognize and appreciate the services performed by you and your DRS team for the 2003 TJ (Jeep Wrangler) Program. The plastic cover assemblies for the front seat recliner that were tooled and molded by your team were of excellent quality and were always delivered ahead of time. The plastic parts, components of Johnson Controls complete seat systems function properly and were recognized by our customer, DaimlerChrysler Corporation. I always enjoy working with the DRS team and looking forward to doing more business together. _______________________________________________________ Blaine K. Williams Johnson Controls, Inc. Purchasing Manager DRS Industries has been providing various prototype services and products for several years to our corporate office. Throughout this time they have demonstrated the ability to be a first class supplier in this field. With the ever increasing demands of the automotive industry, DRS has not only met but consistently exceeded both the expectations of Johnson Controls and our broad OEM customer base. I commend the ownership and workers of DRS for truly adding significant value to their product offerings. _______________________________________________________ Michael L. Boring Johnson Controls, Inc. Prototype Buyer Ed, Dean and Dave, please see below. When receiving feed back from my engineering team like this, it makes my job much easier. Thanks to all at DRS for the great quality and attention to detail while supporting JCI in times of need. Thanks again. _______________________________________________________ Timothy B. DiPonio Plastech Engineered Products Sr. Tooling Engineer, DCX/GM I would like to send this letter in appreciation for all of the hard work and support received from DRS Industries on the PM / MK 49 program. The level of experience, motivation and support were more than outstanding, and were directly related to the success of the program. Thank you to your entire staff for all of the dedication and professionalism exhibited while doing business with DRS. I look forward to any and all upcoming opportunities to work with DRS, and wish you the best of luck in all of the years to come. _____________________________________________________