Rapid Tooling

Rapid cut tooling, one of our signature services, has remained an industry benchmark for years. Our ability to transform complex CAD models into fully tooled product, in DAYS, not weeks, has been the cornerstone of our growth and success. Every process and system in our organization is continuously groomed with the intent of compressing tool construction time, while improving the quality of the product our tools produce. Our rapid cut tooling solutions focus on:
  • Shortest possible lead time
  • Minimizing customer expenditure
  • Integrate automation wherever possible to reduce piece cost
  • Adaptive tool design that reduces setup cost and time
Because we fully 3D model and detail every mold component, customer driven part design changes can be incorporated quickly, while protecting your development budget. DRS rapid cut tools can also be upgraded to SNAP Tooling™ economically. Our ability to provide this upgrade path further reduces your total investment, by providing you cost-effective, timesaving, mass production alternatives.